Friday, September 25, 2009

Callling All Gullible Artists

How's this for an email?


279 Sherbrooke West, suite 205 Montréal QC Canada H2X 1Y2 tel: (514) 879.9694 (514) 879.9694 fax: (514) 879.9694 (514) 879.9694

ATT: Frederick Winston
We have viewed your work and would like to offer you an opportunity for an exhibition of your work in Montreal, for the year 2010/2011. Please find below the “Terms and conditions”.You will receive a confirmation, an exhibition date and other related information (by fax or e-mail) within a week of the gallery’s receipt of the “application form” (see page 3)Visit the gallery website for additional information:
Gallery Gora is in the heart of downtown Montreal. The gallery is adjacent to the “Musée d’Art Contemporain” and other major museums. Gallery Gora has existed since 1994 and represents a number of Canadian and international contemporary artists.As an expanding cultural center in North America, Montreal is increasingly attracting ‘cultural tourism’. It has two official languages (French and English) as well as many other tongues spoken by its multi-cultural population. This provides the basis of a lively cultural scene that organizes a great array of cultural events, such as the Montreal Jazz Festival, the Just for Laughs Festival, and the International Film Festival.
TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. Eligibility and Application ProcedureGallery Gora invites you to exhibit in a solo or in a group exhibition. Selections are made solely on the basis of artists’ portfolios. Please send to the gallery:- Completed and signed application (see page 4)- International bank/postal money order or bank transfer (see “deposit” paragraph 3)You will then receive a confirmation, an exhibition date and other related information.

2. Duration of ExhibitionThe exhibition runs for a minimum of 3 weeks (at least 19 opening days, not including setup and take down time).

3. Exhibition FeeA - Solo Exhibition- Each artist can have up to 20 pieces of work depending on size- The fee for a solo exhibition is $2,500.00 to cover gallery expenses.- The first $2,500.00 of sale are commission free.- The gallery takes a 20% commission during the 3 week exhibition- A deposit of $700.00 is paid together with the application. It is payable by International Money Order (see application form page 4)
- The balance of the fee is payable 5 weeks prior to the exhibition date. All money is refundable in full if Gallery Gora cancels the exhibition.


  1. I hope you reported this as spam. Although, there are galleries that do charge an artist a fee for exhibiting as do some shows. I've seen quite a trend in this by galleries as well as an increase in vanity galleries. Sign of the times perhaps?

  2. I received this email and thought it was a scam, but if it is, it is pretty convincing. There are pictures of the gallery, lists of all the shows and pics form "events".


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