Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Alex Fong, Watercolourist Supreme

Alex Fong is a rare breed - a succesful artist who makes a living painting "watercolours". Alex makes his home in Kelowna, British Columbia, and his reputation has spread from there throughout his province, and into Alberta and from there across Canada.

And, for those who are familiar with the arts scene - its a tough haul, for anyone to sell pastels, pencil work or watercolours in most of Canada's galleries. And, the reason is fueled by public appetite for acrylics and ois. Which leads to the question, "How can Alex be succesful in such a narrow field?"

Anyone who has seen Alex Fong's work, understands how Alex makes it work for him.

The common lament of most watercolour artists, is that their media doesn't have the same dominant colours as oil paints.

Alex's paintings are crafted with a pallet of brilliant colours. And, not just that, but he possesses the eye of a master in creating delightfully impressionistic works which show his colours at their finest.

Technically, Alex paints on a watercolour board surface, which he says, "has a little tooth, but not a lot." And, his subjects, be they pheasants, or fish, or wine bottles, liberate him to use brilliant colours - often enhanced with a touch of acrylic paint. And, styistically, Alex is noted for painting in a round pattern to draw the viewer's eye into his focal centres. Then, for good measure, he makes his works pop with effervence by playfully scattering masking fluid drops around his works. When he removes the dried masking fluid, white circles suggestive of bubbles appear. He then colours a few of them in with bright colours.

Alex joins a growing legion of Canadian watercolourists who cover the surface of their works with a lacquered finish, forgoing the use of glass. And this enhances the power of his colours. Many casual observers who are not painters, easily assume that his works are oils or acrylics.

But, through it all, Alex has carved out a reputation for himself as a premier watercolourist and his works are sought out and his reputation is supported by a number of upscale galleries. Hopefully one day, he will be invited to host a workshop and put on a demonstration of his craft in Ontario.

Please visit Alex at his site by clicking this line.

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