Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stefanie Clark an eclectic artist

Stefanie Clarke

Over a span of almost twenty years, Stefanie has developed her talent in several areas including pen and ink, coloured pencil, and silkscreen design. With the advancement of computer technology, she has embraced this new tool as well in the creation and enhancement of her pieces. Born in Kingston, Ontario in 1969, Stefanie grew up on a farm, and spent most of her childhood cartooning and doodling. In 1990, after her final year of schooling in graphic design, she applied her talent to her own calling, and in the following fifteen years created a body of work that varies enormously.
Many things awaken Stefanie’s inspiration. The effect of light and shadow within Nature is a major influence, and she has also made photography one of her treasured respites. Dreams and visions, the old masters, the ancient ways of the First Peoples, and the beauty of archetype and classical lines … these are all elements that drive her creative process.
For most of her life Stefanie has pursued her artistic career with intent to convey her respect for all life, and wishes to invoke in others a humble appreciation of the diversity and beauty that is our planet. If her art brings a spark of this wonder to the eye of the viewer, then a little bit of light has been added to the world. Undoubtedly Stefanie will be exploring new subject matter, in hopes of expressing her profound empathy for our world of today.
Currently living in the forest surrounding Apsley, Ontario, Stefanie and her partner Petrus have recently opened their home to the public as Art Unseen Studio and Gallery. It is here where she displays a diverse selection of her originals. Together they raise their daughter Samsara, and Stefanie continues to create, building her body of work and enjoying the peace of Nature.

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