Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Art of Ron Morrisson

Ron playfully calls this 'Landscraping'. I'm not entirely certain whether Ron is calling this painting by that name, or if it isn't his play on painting style.
Not that it matters much, for this delightful work, bears the stylistic imprint of Ron's craft. And that's what catches my eye.

Casual observers of Ron's work frequently fail to get beyond a jarring reaction to Ron's bold colours and dynamic interplay of values. But, when you turn the page of his painting and read further you discover that his works are masterfully unified: sky, water, earth, trees, buildings grass - all weave and flow together in a marvellous symmetry of colour.

Take a long hard look at the colours which Ron uses in his distant mountain range. Check out the way his water and colour flows to unify the elements of his painting. . And then, when you see his strong contrast in values from the very bright blue background range to the heavier, dark, shadowy foreground mountain - you begin to see Rons' creative magic at work.

Please click here to be linked to Ron's blog to see his many other works.


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