Thursday, June 16, 2011

Aboriginal Heritage Month Art - the Native Sun Man Glyph

Peterborough Petroglyph Park

Now, if I painted a picture like this and entered it into a major art show, it would likely get juried in and with a little luck be selected as a sure winner.

It goes to show that whatever goes around comes around. I find myself wondering what was going through the mind of this ancient glyph carver. Was he interpreting a figure from tribal mythology? Did he or maybe she, take a step into the realm where his carving took on its own life and meaning? I'm sure that Erik von Daniken could add his own spin to it and suggest that this ancient carver, had seen a denizen from another spacial realm.

I guess nobody but the carver who is long gone, knows what his being represented. Its easy to conjecture that his head resembles the sun. Was the carved man, an important being?

While I am on this theme, I had an interesting conversation with a man who owns a large farm in the Peterborough area, and he claimed that he has a set of petroglyphs that equals or surpasses the Peterborough glyphs in size, in the woods of his property but the Ontario Government has chosen not to acknowledge is presence.

So many mysteries, so few answers. If this entry has any native readers who are familiar with Algonquin spiritual symbols, I would be pleased to publish a response.

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