Monday, February 13, 2012

Two Paintings

The Portrait's Editor, Mo Bayliss, put me onto this painting by Marie Cecilia Guard.  The painting caught me by surprse for it reminded me of a painting by Prudence Heward.  Two paintings, by two different which women have certain noteworthy similarities.

The mysterious lady in this work, looks pensively into space.  She is here in body, but not in mind.
She lies against a pillow. The blanket and her yellow jacket suggest that she is feeling cool, but yet her skin is painted in warm flesh tones and is slightly flushed.

This work was  painted by Prudence Heward.  There are other commonalities, besides both women looking absently into space.  Take a good look at the yellow jacket worn by the lady in the top painting.  Her jacket is almost metallic in appearance. and this presents a visual contrast to what should be the softness of the blanket and pillow.   And, overall there is a certain stylistic economy in her style.

Heward's bottom work has a certain angular hardness in style and an economy of lines.

Marie Cecila Guard lived between 1908 and 2003. Prudence Heward lived between 1896 and 1947.

All that aside, Marie Cecilia Guard's works can be found on her Facebook page, which you will find by clicking here.

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