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=September 1, 2012.

This work, 'Beach Litter' by Arthur Lismer, along with a Tom Thomson were stolen from Phillip Gevik's Gallery in Yorkville Toronto this past week.

Gevik's a Montreal Gallery had taken a hit a couple of years prior to this.

July 4th. Google Honours Hartland NB's, covered bridge
June 25: Shary Boyle represents Canada at Venice Biennale
June 20: Canadian Conference of the Arts struggles with Govt. cuts
June 18: Emily Carr's reputation soars
June 7: Canada Arts Council Recognizes Seven Artists
June 6: Phil Richard Paints Jubilee portrait of the Queen
June 6: Emily Carr works at German show

July 4th.

Hartland NB, Longest Covered  Bridge in the World,  Honoured  by Google.
Its 111 years old today.

June 25th

Toronto’s Shary Boyle to represent Canada at Venice Biennale

On Friday night in Toronto, Marc Mayer, the director of the National Gallery of Canada, announced that Toronto artist Shary Boyle would represent Canada at the Venice Biennale in 2013.

Six time zones away, in Kassel, Germany, Boyle allowed herself a smile. “I was really surprised,” she said. “There are so many artists who could do such a fantastic job with this opportunity. But I’m thrilled and up for the challenge.”

Source: Metro News. Please click here

June 20th

As if there is any doubt.

Canada’s oldest and largest arts advocacy organization, the Canadian Conference of the Arts, has decided to keep functioning, until mid-October at least, even as the Harper government has announced it is ending a 47-year tradition of federal support from Liberal and Conservative administrations for the organization.

Extracted from The Globe and Mail. To read the full article, please click here.

June 18th

Toronto Globe and Mail article on Emily Carr and her rise into the stratosphere of international recognition. Please click here.

June 7th

Canada Arts Council recognizes seven artists

Ottawa, 6 June 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA).

The Canada Arts Council released the names of the winners of the Victor Martyn Lynch-Stauton 2012 prize. This prize is awarded to seven Canadian artists in the middle of their careers; one for each discipline supported by the council.

Sculptor Valérie Blass explores different techniques in sculpture in order to create hybrid creations somewhere between humans, animals, and objects. She won the “Visual Art” prize.

Manon de Pauw was awarded the “interdisciplinary” price. This artist uses various media (video, installation, photography, performance, digital technology, and choreography, as well as older techniques), to look at the accelerating pace of life, and everyday social relationships. She also lectures at the Concordia University in Montréal.

Graeme Patterson was recognised for his work in “art media”. He first became known for his work developing a new animation technique image by image. His multimedia installations make use of music, scale models, robots, and interactive elements. He often deals with the themes of loss, regret, and discovery in his works.

In the prize’s other categories, poet Sylvia Legris won “writing and publishing”, actor and director Denis Lavalou was recognised for his work in “Theatre”, Brian Current was awarded the “Music” prize, and Nova Bhattacharya was recognised for her contributions to dance.

Winners of the Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton prize are awarded CA$15,000 from a fund set up by the philanthropist whose name it bears.

To see this article in Arts Media Agency, please click here.

June 6th.
Canadian Artist Phil Richards paints portrait of the Queen for Diamond Jubilee.

LONDON - The first thing that struck the Queen was the sheer size of the woman looking back at her.

At six feet two inches, she had never seen herself quite so tall.

The monarch, who stands 5-4 in real life, took a moment to admire the new portrait of herself. A hush fell over the dignitaries gathered in the White Drawing Room of Buckingham Palace. Everyone wanted to hear the Queen's assessment.

Source: Victoria Times Colonist

Emily Carr's Works at German Show

Emily Carr is a household name in Canada, but now — nearly seven decades after her death — the work of the iconic West Coast painter is taking the spotlight at the Documenta art show in Germany.

CBC News: Please click here

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