Sunday, August 16, 2009

As Old As Time

Forget the business about the reason for humans beings more highly evolved then apes, is because of us having rotatable thumbs and being able to pick things up and use rocks and stones as tools.

I say that the thing that separate us from other species is our artistic, creative ability.

This is something inherent within the human spirit. We yearn to replicate our lives in some artistic context, be it primitive dance, rap music, or stringing together intricate patterns of jewellery.

Hindu mystics saw the presence of this insightfulness, located within the inner eye. This has been stylized into the decorative beauty spot on Hindu women's foreheads.

Mary Caroline Richards wrote of this inner urge to create when she spoke of looking at the potential of the seed of the avocado.

"with the inner eye of imagination can we see inner forms of Being and Becoming. In this lifeless-looking seed there is a germinating center, totally alive and totally invisible."

I leave you with this thought. Christians identify the soul as the sweet spot where spirituality is seated within the human form.

Ask 90% of modern people where the soul is, and they would tap on their heads. Does that tell you something? Does it tell you that contemporary humans blur the soul with their own individual reasoning powers? I think therefore I am divine?

Traditional Catholics painted pictures of Christ with a glowing red heart and a crown over it, which suggets its that they saw the spiritual cente of life within the heart. I love therefore I am divine?

Of course, all of this is beyond reason or definition. If jelly can be nailed to a wall, I opt to see the defining uniqueness of our species as the creative urge of mankind - call it an inner eye, or a soul, or whatever. For me, its what sets us aside from all other forms of life. Its the divine spark. The luminescent light which gives us life as we know it.

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