Saturday, August 22, 2009

Paint me Warts and All

Oliver Cromwell

While this quotation, may not be entirely accurate, there is something to be said for it in art. At least according to Robert Genn, who writes in a recent edition of Painters Keys, his popular art eletter that people crave novelty or bumps on the road of art.

But yet, Mamma Bear keeps telling me that women buy most of the pictures that hang on the walls of homes and she maintains that women like 'pretty pictures', with bright colours and lovely scenes - and definitely not warty works. They like their paintings like pretty Easter bonnets. (I wonder if this isn't Mamma Bear's preference?)

But, I like painting wildlife scenes with rocks and knobs and bumps (and trees and water too).

So the struggle goes on. Do I paint pretty pictures to sell or do I paint the warts to answer some inner need. And, can there be any compromise?

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