Thursday, October 15, 2009

Reminscence by Anne Hudec

Reminiscence by Anne Hudec

For over a century
These Statues have observed
The joys and sorrows of countless individuals
Who have passed beneath them.
They are the silent witnesses
To the struggles of mankind.

When asked why she would choose to paint statues, Anne says:

"My subject matter of 19th century statues is admittedly uncommon. However, over the years I have become even more aware of their haunting beauty. These ubiquitous figures found throughout Europe are seemingly viewed with indifference. They fall victim to the forces of nature, abuse, vandalism and neglect. For me the charm increases with their natural weathering. Covered with a patina, lichen, or moss, their beauty, texture, and colouration are enhanced. My goal is to infuse them with human emotion to create a personal connection with the viewer."

These poignant words can be found before entering Anne's watercolour gallery called 'statuettes', on her website:

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  1. She is right these are hauntingly beautiful and she has captured it perfectly. Thanks for sharing this Win, it is outstanding.


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