Saturday, October 30, 2010

Vic Atkinson's 'Cartouche'

Vic and I share a common interest in ancient societies. Vic has a developed a love for ancient Egyptian art and when you see this work, you can understand why.

The beauty of colour and design in his work, reveal a richness of artistic expression. Vic takes an artistic form which has been degraded by time and he gives back to us an insight into the beauty of art created by the ancient Egypticans.

Vic, blows away the dust of time and he gives this ancient society the kind of artistic respect they deserve. When you see such a work as this, its not hard to imagine great stone walls, temples, and public places as seen long ago in their fullest glory. Our perspective of these peoples is lifted out of the Sahara sands and given life.

When we see such works we can appreciate Vic's adventurous quest.


  1. I agree that so much ancient art is truly magnificent...Egyptian art has been a fascination of mine since childhood.
    I would like to mention, also, that several times in the past few days when I have attempted to click on your blog to read your post it comes up as telling me that the blog does not exist! Today I just clicked on the full name of your blog because, once again, your post (this on the death of Tom Thompson, which I would like to read!) came up as not existing.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. ouch. There is no editing option for comments, so when I commit a typo, and remove the comment.....there is a record of my transgression.

    I think, Karen, that you have had the misfortune of trying to read a blog entry at the time as I have been working behind the scenes.

    Thank you for your kind comments. You make the work worthwhile./fw

  4. While I love the saturated color of this piece, those symbols represent sounds and words, independent of their beauty as imagery. When they are used in this way, all that is lost. It's like me trying to carve a totem pole when I don't know what the tribal meanings of the various faces and symbols mean to Native peoples.

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  6. Tbank you Saleef for your kind comments to Vic's work. I am sure that Vic will enjoy visiting your sites. I did and they are great!


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