Wednesday, January 26, 2011

John Parson Arm Wrestles with the C Devil

Readers of 'The Portrait' may recall the work of John Parson. John lives relatively close to me in this part of Ontario. John produces exciting oils, and when you journey through his galleries, you can see that he has a deep love for nature. His picture 'Fiona' is typical of his works.

John's been on my mind a lot in the last few months, and I thought it was about time to recycle his works on the blog. You know how it is with these things, when you think of someone a lot, they send you a surprising contact. I got his email this morning describing how he was emerging from a recent fight with throat cancer. That hurts when you think that John is a non smoker.
In February I was diagnosed with throat cancer (with enlarged lymph nodes as well…!!!) and I didn't even smoke... cigs!!??..they(Dr's) treated me fast and well , once they knew what I had , my supporting friends were amazing as we waited on all the tests, to find out spacifics. Then once the Dr's decided what had to be done I stayed in Toronto (at Princess Margaret lodge a special low cost cancer hostel ) for seven weeks of radiation and chemo (not fun I don't recommend it …lol) And a the final result is we beat the bastard ,…atleast for now…it looks very good ! The side affects from the treatments have left me without saliva and my taste buds aren't up to scratch (and I've lost 35lbs), but it could be alot worse

I am impressed by John's tenacity. The two pictures we see of him were taken on one of his snowshoeing expeditions.

John makes his way through life alternating between New Zealand and Ontario. To see more of his exciting works, please check out his website by clicking here.

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