Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Camp on the Bend of the River

I have long had a fascination for native North American culture. This picture evolved from my many forest waterfalls scenes. One day, I sat looking at an earlier work and took a paper and looked at the picture with the waterfalls removed and I imagined - what would this scene have looked like several hundred years ago, with a camp of natives alongside the river. And while lost in a sort of meditative dream-imaging state, I came up with this work. It is my second painting on Arches Rough, and I was delighted with its slower drying time. This gave me a chance to work within the wet before the colours set.
But, what was most interesting for me, I posted this on an art website and it had about 50 viewers and 3 comments. Two of which came from friends in art. (they had the most analytical comments of those posted) But here is the interesting part. For the most part, the work failed to draw any response.
There are heights in this picture I have never been able to reach before. Simplicity and effective use of colour are two. I have laboured now for a long time to produce a work in which these two hand maidens have had greater control and voice.
I am not upset in the least, for I came to the conclusion that many painters don't necessarily have either strong analytical critiquing skills, or lack the ability to articulate these skills.
Want to hear something really odd. The prettier the picture I do. The more colourful the picture. The more comments the picture receives and the higher the rating of approval from fellow artists.
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