Sunday, December 12, 2010

Saturi 39 by Laurie Near

“I believe that making and looking at art can be a form of contemplative practice, a space in our noisy and information-saturated lives for solitude, silence, and being in the present. Like prayer and meditation, art can become part of the foundation of who you art in the world, as intrinsic to your nature as breathing.”

I am inspired by writings, music and artworks which evoke a sense of connection and timelessness. Process is the driving force in my most recent body of work where paintings are characterized by focus on repetition, fluidly applied colour,and ideogramatic images. Multiple layers of glaze, in conjunction with the use of metallic/iridescent pigments, allow each acrylic painting to reveal subtle
compositional changes depending on the precise angle at which light hits the surface of the canvas, creating a richness and depth that is difficult to reproduce with a photograph.

Painting sessions serve as important meditations where one becomes at once both hyper-aware and lost in the process. The “Satori” series originates from a concept central to Zen Buddhism where “Satori”, in its simplest form, is described as a state of sudden spiritual enlightenment in which one becomes able to recognize and appreciate the “true essence or nature” of things. Key aspects of this dogma include emphasis on inner stillness, intuition and the notion of impermanence – carving out frequent opportunities for quiet reflection is a vital component of my artistic process. The multi-layered Satori paintings are the result of a continuing exploration of the blending of traditional elements of Eastern art (balance, simplicity, “essence”) with key elements of Lyrical Abstraction (process, repetition, spontaneous expression). An avid naturalist (raised by a pair of hardcore “birders”) and a strong believer in basic philosophies regarding the interconnectedness of humans and the natural world, I can often be found hiking with my dog, taking in the scenery and quietly absorbing images and impressions for use back in the studio. Some more abstracted than others, my paintings are infused with symbols, colours and shapes inspired by elements of nature.

To view more of Laurie's works, please click here.

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