Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tom Thomson - A Sensitive Arty Kind of Guy?

How's this for a photo of the dapper, young, Tom Thomson. He has that look of a pretty confident guy, hasn't he?  His hands are in his pockets and he has a relaxed slouch.

Check out the picture below.  There stands our Tom with his pipe clenched between his teeth, proudly displaying his morning catch.

I picked up a book today while I was waiting in my naturopath's office.  It reset my image of Tom.
But, then again what would you expect from Uncle John's Bathroom Reader; 'Plunges Into Canada.'.

As I flipped the pages Tom's name jumped out to greet me.  Now, what could be so funny about Tom?

The editor of the book, focused on the year of 1904 when Tom worked as an engraver in Seattle, Wa., in the USA. According to Uncle John, Tom fell head over heels in love with Alice Elinor Lambert. Uncle John writes:

"Alice Elinor Lambert was an American high school senior who later went on to fame as a writer of romantic novels.  However, she clearly wasn't very familiar with romance in 1904, when Tom got down on bended knee, declared his love and presented her with an engagement ring.  He expected a loving response. Instead, she giggled.  Ever the sensitive artistic type, Thomson not only fled the room, but - he left Seattle entirely, never to return."

Well, take it for what its worth. It was after all, found in a bathroom reader. But, our Tom - a sensitive arty type?  Who would ever think it?

Source: Uncle John's Bathroom Reader, 'Plunges into Canada'.
Published by: The Bathroom Reader's Institute
Printed in USA
ISBN: 978-1-60710-100-0 (pbk)
Pg: 128

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