Monday, November 23, 2009

Do Colours Stay at Home?

Emily Carr, Above the Gravel Pit.

Sometimes it leads me to wonder - do colours stay where they belong?

Scientifically speaking colours are nothing more then a spectrum of light waves - frequencies of vibration of electro magnetic waves which are given life by our atmosphere. So, when you look at yellow tulip petals, you see subtle shifts in frequencies of light vibrations. Such being the case....then the yellowness of tulip flowers are not properites of the flower - they are vibrations of light which reflect from the flower. Follow my drift?

Now, lets step out onto a limb. Have you ever looked at a coloured object and had the feeling that you were looking at the colours of that object, surrounding it?

When artists unify their picture by spreading distinct colours around, are they acknowledging that frequencies of light, deflect and bounce?

Do artists see this?

I spend a lot of time in the mountains, and when you become attuned to colour, it is easy to see the light blue of the sky, literally washing down from the sky into the valley below.

Recognition of this quality of light is built into the craft of many if not most, painters.

Do colours migrate? It would seem that most artists would think so.

reference: Wikipedia

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  1. Dazzling, Win! I had no idea Emily Carr had ever painted a sky like this! It looks like undulating satin -- really lovely.


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