Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Late Agnes Martin's Desert Scene...........hmmm

Agnes Martin's desert scene: source, Montreal Gazette

Some are saying its a slam dunk to become the most expensive painting in Canadian art history and to eclipse the 2002 Sotheby sale value of Paul Kane's, North West Portrait.

Its your call. Would you spend more than 5.1 million dollars to hang this over your desk in your oak panneled office, or over your sofa?

To read one of the many articles on this which are floating around the media now, please click here.


  1. They've got to be kidding! Right??? Please say yes!

  2. One can only assume the subtleties of this work are lost in digital translation. From reading the Gazette article on the work, that certainly sounds like the case. Hard to judge a work without seeing it in person. But, it does make one wonder how the art world comes to their conclusions about what work is celebrated like that and what isn't. There must be hundreds of minimalist artwork of similar quality that goes unnoticed.


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