Thursday, September 30, 2010

Franziska Windover, Pencil Artist

Franziska Windover
The calm of early morning coupled with soft strains of music, is the perfect time for this self-taught artist to invoke her creative spirits by consecrating pencil and paper. It is then that the sensitivity towards the subject of her sketch, becomes revealed by the capture of detail in the most skillful manner. Utmost respect for texture, depth and shading combined to bring to light, a most accurate representation of the imaged penciled.

I came to know Franziska through AIM (Artists in Motion) in the nearby Village of Marmora. Franziska's magic with a pencil has earned for her a solid reputation, with commissions, her appearance at Ontario's prestigious Buckhorn Arts Festival, her local showings, and her work for the arts at the community level. And, just to add a bit of spice to the pot, Franziska is also a mom, and office administrator.

The exciting thing about Franziska or, 'pencil' as she is affectionately nicknamed, is that she she can always manage to find a little extra time for art in her community. On one visit into our local cooperative art shop,'Pencil', was blending her service to our art group in managing the shop, with trying to work her way through her deadline of producing enough works to take to the Buckhorn Art Festival.

I will drop one of Franciska's works into the blog tomorrow for you to see the kind of skill this lady has.

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